Workshops & Assessments

TeamSynergy offers a variety of assessments and workshops that focus on improving group development and performance.  Most workshops are designed to be three  hours in length and can be combined with other activities to create full or multiple-day conferences. Every program includes a debrief and recommendation for further development. TeamSynergy works as your partner; through a team of professionally trained consultants and facilitators, we are dedicated to maximizing your team’s potential.

Some examples of our workshops include:

  • Group Dynamics and Development
  • Leadership Styles & Applications
  • Conflict Management/Dispute Resolution
  • Accountability in Organizations
  • Understanding Social Styles , Communication, and Influence
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Facilitator Training

Some examples of our assessments include:

  • Team Effectiveness Profile
  • Conflict Management Inventory
  • Team Conflict Strategies Inventory
  • Change Management Assessment
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • What’s My Style?
  • What’s My Leadership Style?
  • What’s My Communication Style?
  • What’s My Selling Style?
  • What’s My Coaching Style?
  • What’s My Leadership Style?
  • What’s My Communication Style?
  • DiSC Assessment
  • Team Dimensions
  • Discovering Diversity
  • Work Expectations